K&J - Shingletown

 When the time came, Jim made appointments with, and personally chauffeured us to all the appropriate facilities in order for us to have a plan in motion when the actual day for a change arrived. Even after Dad was residing in special care we felt comfortable to call on Senior Care Solutions when we were in need of emotional and practical support.  

T- Redding

 When it became apparent that my Mom needed to move into assisted living, I had no idea where to start. We discussed her needs and what the different facilities had to offer and chose one that was just right. They scheduled tours and meetings and let me know what paperwork needed to be done. I couldn’t have done this without them.  

B&K - Redding

Dad was going to be discharged and couldn't go home.  We had no idea what to do.  Jim took us to see some Assisted Living Facilities then we discussed the differences and which one would best fit our needs.  After choosing one, we were worried about cost then Jim told us about a Veterans benefit that might help, giving us all the necessary paperwork.  What a lifesaver.  Thank you.